Cascadia is a term that has been used to define many regions that include the Cascade mountain range and surrounding communities. This forum currently defines it as a transboundary region shared between Washington and British Columbia that is centered around the Cascades mountains.  Explore this geography.

People & Networks

A wealth of existing organizations, partnerships, universities, and individuals are working throughout Cascadia on a spectrum of climate adaptation issues effecting species, habitats, and people. Get connected to this network by learning about who is working in Cascadia, and what existing efforts may fit your needs.

Priority Issues

Our forum identifies priority adaptation issues to focus coordination and information gathering on. The issues reflect unique priorities of the transboundary Cascades ecosystem, while also overlapping  conservation targets in the Great Northern and North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperatives strategic plans.  Learn about these current priorities.


Although there is still work to do, many resources are available at the broad and fine scale to facilitate climate adaptation in Cascadia.  These include existing climate adaptation plans, workshops, research, funding, policy, implementation examples and case studies, webinars, and more. Find the information you are looking for.