People and Networks

Founding Cascadia Pilot councilmember Dan Siemann leading a dialogue with partners in fall 2012.

Founding Cascadia Pilot Councilmember Dan Siemann leading a dialogue with partners in fall 2012.

In addition to the resources available to inform and facilitate adaptation actions, a wealth of partnerships, organizations, researchers, and individuals exist in the Cascadia region that are working in some way to facilitate our ability to adapt to a changing climate.  Our Voices of the Cascadia project aims to link you to some of the individuals working on this landscape.  Get connected to additional people through networks listed below.

Some but not all of the efforts below are primarily focused on climate adaptation in their work, but rather all do incorporate climate as relevant into their discussions on a species, resources, or landscape.

Regional scale

Climate Impacts Group


Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Voices of Cascadia: The Next Generation – a video that opened up our 2015 WildLinks conference. Click to play.

NW Climate Science Center

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (University of Vicotoria)

PNW Climate Impacts Research Consortium

PNW Tribal Climate Change Network

State or Province scale

BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative Program

British Columbia Climate Action Secretariat

Climate Solutions

Washington Prescribed Fire Council

Washington State Department of Ecology – Climate Adaptation page and contact information

Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group

Cascadia local scale

The Swinomish Tribe has lived on the coasts of the Salish Sea for thousands of years. Today, rising seas not only threaten cultural traditions, but also the economic vitality of this small island nation in the shadow of two oil refineries. The documentary team of Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele featured the Swinomish Tribe in a video.

Arid Lands Initiative

Nisqually River Council

North Cascades Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee

North Cascadia Adaptation Partnership

Skagit Climate Science Consortium

Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission

Public land managers in Cascadia (Federal, provincial, state, and local public agencies manage a majority of the land in Cascadia.  Learn more at this link)

Tribes and First Nations of Cascadia


** Hear from individuals that have participated in our network in our Voices of Cascadia project.