Formed by practitioners in Washington and British Columbia’s Cascade mountains in the summer of 2012, the Cascadia Partner Forum fosters a network of natural resource practitioners working with partner entities to build the adaptive capacity of the landscape and species living within it.

The Cascadia Partner Forum envisions a region where our environment is resilient to the impacts of climate change, where residents with diverse life experiences and values—rural and urban communities, landowners, Native Tribes and First Nations, policy-makers, natural resource and economic development decision-makers—understand the dynamic nature of the Cascadian landscape and are working together to conserve connected networks of lands and waters, their diversity, naturally functioning and able to adapt, so that native fish and wildlife and people have flexible options far into the future.

Our M.O. is simple – we bring people together around regional priorities and a shared regional vision to foster collaboration, share information, and actively develop shared strategies while creating a durable network of natural resource practitioners across boundaries.

Group discussion in 2012 at a meeting initiating the Cascadia Partner Forum.

The Cascade mountains are divided at the crest by the current boundaries of the Great Northern and North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, so this forum allows an opportunity to coordinate across these boundaries.

A Leadership Council meets quarterly to guide and oversee the work of the Partner Forum, while the leadership council is supported by work groups and committees specific to our priority issues and climate adaptation strategy.

The objectives of the partner forum are to:

  • To identify and prioritize science and management needs and resources to increase adaptive capacity in the Cascadia landscape;
  • Highlight successes and challenges in implementation of adaptation actions;
  • Facilitate communication to share ideas and expand implementation of adaptive actions including identification of new approaches;
  • Draw attention to this unique landscape.

The forum hosted a workshop in fall 2012 to hear from a diverse array of partners on the ground in this transboundary landscape to shape our formation and early focus priorities, read the General Technical Report from that workshop.  Following the workshop we selected priority issues within Cascadia that focused our efforts in 2013, and that we continue to build on today while developing an integrated regional climate adaptation strategy.

We continue to meet annually in person each fall through the WildLinks conference, and utilize this website and quarterly enewsletter to share information relevant to adaptation work in Cascadia.

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