A wide range of plans to guide climate adaptation within or overlapping Cascadia have been completed or are underway at various spatial scales.  These plans offer information and guidance to facilitate actions to increase resiliency at the community and ecosystem level.  Some plans have been explicitly developed for climate change adaptation, while others are plans that have integrated adaptation guidance into overall management strategies.

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As part of our Cascadia Climate Adaptation Strategy, we hope to build a more accessible inventory of these plans but in the meantime we’ve cpmpilied the living list below to connect you to information for the geography and resources important to you.  The Cascadia Partner Forum did not author or endorse the plans below.  The criteria for inclusion of a plan below is that they not only identify the impacts of climate change to a resource or geography in Cascadia but put forward goals, conservation targets, and/or recommended actions to facilitate a more resilient future. Assessments, analyses, and reports that outline the risk to specific geographies and resources that do not include adaptation recommendations can be found in our resources portal.

Federal plans

Regional plans overlapping Cascadia

Statewide and provincial plans

Local plans within Cascadia (or overlapping)

In British Columbia

In Washington