The Cascadia Partner Forum is intent on developing a regional climate adaptation strategy, in pursuit of our shared vision of “a region where our environment is resilient to the impacts of climate change, where residents with diverse life experiences and values understand the dynamic nature of the Cascadian landscape and are working together to conserve connected
networks of lands and waters, their diversity, natural functioning, and their ability to adapt, so that native fish, wildlife and people have flexible options far into the future.”

For such a broad-scale strategy to be effective, decision-makers involved in land use decisions across the landscape and at multiple scales must co-produce the climate adaptation strategy. The Cascadia Partner Forum hosted four workshops and a webinar in 2019 to engage potential partners in this co-production. This is what we heard from the 75 participants.

Below is the full report from these workshops to inform our work going forward including an Executive Summary and appendices.

This report was prepared in December 2019 by Sonia Hall, SAH Ecologia LLC.

Collage of images from 2019 workshops in Washington and British Columbia with potential adaptation strategy partners.