A July 7, 2021 post by Bob Weber of The Canadian Press reported that the “recent heat wave in Western Canada that blew past records and contributed to hundreds of deaths could not have happened without climate change, an international group of scientists has concluded.” The article goes on to state “Faron Anslow of the University of Victoria said several factors contributed to the crushing heat: a dry spring, a lingering ridge of high pressure over the region and a low pressure system off the Pacific coast that pulled heat from east to west….But analysis using 21 different climate models and advanced statistical tools showed those factors wouldn’t have been enough on their own to push the mercury so high. Climate change, the paper concludes, made the heat wave 150 times more likely.”

Read the full article here: https://globalnews.ca/news/8011109/british-columbia-alberta-heat-wave-climate-change-scientists/

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