Every day we are making decisions that will affect our region—and our options—well into the future. From how we choose to grow as our population expands to what crops we plant – our decisions matter and they must respond to the needs of today and tomorrow. From land use planning at the county scale to resource management plans for several million acres of national forest – our decisions must consider not only the local context but how it fits within a regional context as well. Each of these individual decisions adds up to landscape scale change.

To enable informed decisions in real time that are coordinated to ensure a resilient region into the future, we need a shared strategy across land and management boundaries that utilizes a dynamic tool to support our coordination and planning. Learn more about the process underway in Cascadia to develop this strategy, and the unique tool being developed in partnership with Google to support regional planning, goal setting, and monitoring of the region that may have repeatability and scalability for other regions.

The Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative is hosting a webinar at 11am (Pacific Time) on July 25th for us to share information on the regional climate adaptation strategy we are working to build, and the new spatial tool that will support our strategy being created through a partnership with Google.  Click here to register and learn more.

And, learn more about our climate adaptation strategy including our shared vision for a resilient Cascadia.