This summer the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative announced $45,500 in funding to our Cascadia Partner Forum proposal to complete conservation design for four Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative identified conservation targets with significance to the transboundary Cascadia landscape: grizzly bear, salmon, aquatic, and terrestrial connectivity.  Our planning aims to inform sound, data-driven management planning and action. This project aims to complete conservation design at the Cascadia-wide scale to contribute to the Great Northern LCC Science Plan, while providing input and integration to the courser scale Science Plan’s established objectives, threats, metrics, and conservation actions for each target.  Each of the conservation targets is relevant on both sides of the Cascades crest, so we hope to inform North Pacific LCC discussions as well.

Additionally we propose to conduct analyses on a common landscape stressor within Cascadia that land and species managers have identified science needs for to apply with stakeholders in planning efforts aimed at addressing and mitigating their impact – roads.  This builds on the dialogues our forum hosted last year on access management considerations in light of climate change.

This work will address two specific needs: (1) the Great Northern LCC’s need for contribution from our on the ground practitioners in Cascadia to development of their Science Plan and (2) the need to bring scientific information and analyses to ongoing land and species management dialogues within Cascadia.

Additionally, funding from the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative and Brainerd Foundation allow us to leverage these dollars even further in the Cascades including hiring two fellows and bringing applied science to an additional landscape.

We are currently hiring two 6-month fellows to assist in this work, and will initiate planning discussions on each conservation target this fall.  We are working in partnership with land and species managers to develop applied science on roads in coordination when it is most useful to their decision making processes.  Stay tuned as our workload moves forward, and please contact us if you would like to be engaged directly in any of this work.

Click here to read the full funding proposal submitted by the Cascadia Partner Forum.

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