In an article by William Dietrich in the Seattle Times entitled, In celebration of the North Cascades:  50 years after a landmark preservation law, a Washington gem is celebrated, the author states ” the author details why this ecosystem is such an incredible place that many have worked to protect.

He states, “Visionaries protected this range over many decades of political battle in the 20th century. What one sees today from the summit of Mount Baker — craggy Mount Shuksan, the fanged Picket Range, the ice cream mound of Glacier — now needs a new generation of stewardship. How shall we manage these crags? Can their complex succession of ecosystems be sustained? Will salmon survive in the rivers? Will grizzlies, wolves and wolverines roam? How can the North Cascades be resilient in the face of climate change? Since 1915, average air temperatures at Diablo Dam on the Skagit River have risen about 1 degree Fahrenheit, global warming shrinking the average snowpack.”

Read the full article, and then join the dialogue we are having in the Cascadia Partner Forum to address some of these questions into the future.


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