Thanks to participation over 100 individuals in our network representing agencies, scientists, First Nations, tribes, NGO’s, and foundations we have developed a final statement to guide our Cascadia Climate Adaptation Strategy with a shared vision for our network.  This statement will act as a framework for us as we embark on developing our living strategy and we appreciate the contributions through surveys, conversations, and review from so many of you.

The Cascadia Partner Forum envisions a region resilient to the impacts of climate change, where residents with diverse life experiences and values—rural and urban communities, landowners, Native Tribes and First Nations, policy-makers, natural resource and economic development decision-makers—understand the dynamic nature of the Cascadian landscape and are working together to conserve connected networks of lands and waters, their diversity, natural functioning and ability to adapt, so that native fish and wildlife and people have flexible options far into the future.

We can come together to today to make this future possible, join us.

The next steps in this strategy include engaging our network to define shared regional conservation targets that we can track together, building off of those broad targets we established at our 2018 WildLinks conference:  biodiversity and connectivity.  Additionally we’ll continue with the other components of our strategy including communications, inventory of existing resources, scenario planning, and development of a spatial tool to foster our collaboration.  All of this work complements our existing focus on priority issues and fostering our network of practitioners.  Stay tuned as we define these next steps and reach out for engagement.