CBC News – July 2018

Excerpt from article:

This should be a big year for sockeye on Canada’s most important salmon river, but the threat of high water temperatures and several years of low fish survival is putting that forecast at risk.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is forecasting 14 million sockeye will return to the Fraser River in 2018, which is on par with the big runs that return to the river every four years.

But, alongside that forecast, DFO warns that the fish returning in 2018 will have experienced the same “unusually warm” freshwater and ocean conditions that have coincided with low sockeye survival the past three years.

Last fall, COSEWIC found eight populations of Fraser River sockeye are in such decline that they should be legally protected under species at risk legislation.

Taylor said signs of trouble on the Fraser go beyond sockeye.

“There are lots of signals that these iconic species of salmon and sea run trout in the Fraser River are not doing well, and this has been a persistent decline since the mid-80s,” he said.

The big factors, says Taylor, are believed to be declining ocean conditions and rising river temperatures — in other words, climate change.

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