A breakout table discussion at the Wenatchee workshop in May 2019

In late May and early June, we hosted workshops to engage partners in our region with the objectives to provide a context and history to our partner forum and gain their insights in shaping the development of a shared regional Cascadia adaptation strategy to collectively ensure that our natural systems are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Specifically, we sought to learn from attendees how a regional-level strategy supported by a dynamic, bi-national tool could help address management challenges and information needs, integrate into ongoing efforts, incorporate existing data sets and analyses, add value to help fulfill individual organization’s missions and mandates, and help us collectively set goals and monitor progress on a set of shared regional conservation priorities that complement our finer scale work.

Over 100 stakeholders attended meetings that spanned both sides. Following the meetings, Sonia Hall who organized and facilitated the discussions observed she “found it striking that the workshops across the region had such different flavors. From an emphasis on aquatic priorities in Wenatchee, to broad-scale connectivity in Seattle, to the value of cross-border and inclusive approaches in Victoria, and the value of shared data and tools in Kelowna, we covered a wide variety of priorities, challenges, and opportunities in four workshops.”

The meetings confirmed that we benefit from a strong history of collaboration in our region, and our strategy builds off of and must complement the tremendous amount of work already underway. We will be hosting a webinar this summer to engage additional voices in this dialogue. If you would like to learn more and engage, please join us on Tuesday July 23rd from noon to 2pm (Pacific Standard Time) for a webinar. To RSVP and get more details please contact Sonia Hall at hallsoniawild@gmail.com

Following this final webinar, we’ll be summarizing what we heard and laying forward clear next steps for our strategy and how to engage by fall 2019. In the meantime, exciting discussions continue in our partner forum towards coordinating on our existing priority issues and developing a prototype for a dynamic spatial tool to support this regional strategy.

A collection of images from workshop discussions.